Citizen's Barn

With a setting that highlights the history and specificity of the area in which we are located, but at the same time crowns the pomp and significance of the moments we choose to spend here, any event at the Barn turns into a captivating story about past, present and future.

The place where we celebrate life with those to whom it connects us, family, friends and colleagues...

This is how we want the Citizen ‘s Barn to remain in the thoughts and hearts of all those who choose to spend meaningful moments here. Because it is a witness to life stories from the past, present and future, in an idyllic, timeless setting, as is the entire Strehan Estate.

Balancing archaic and contemporary

Set in the midst of a true spectacle of nature, in which the Tohani vineyard seems to play the leading role, the location welcomes you with an image reminiscent of the old barns that once hosted the important events of the villagers, but as it reveals itself to you, it impresses you with its balance between archaic and contemporary, between simplicity and sumptuousness.

Experience unique events

Its atmosphere evokes the grandeur of the past of this area, from the time of the famous Fefelei fair, a locality located at the exit of Mizil on the road to Tohani, which became “the cradle of the aristocracy of the Buzau valley” during the reign of Constantin Brâncoveanu, when the merchants from the Plains and the mountains used to gather here to exchange all kinds of products. In this way we honour the memory of the former traders, whose descendants we are, and we are happy to be able to carry on their tradition.

At the same time, the modern accents of the space bring you into the modern day, creating the optimal conditions for the experience of an event here, be it private or professional, to be unique.

Traditional dishes, lovingly crafted

And as the barn is also a symbol of the goodness with which nature rewards us for our work, we want the inter-war dishes and wines of the Strehan Winery, which we passionately prepare here, to delight you with their abundance of special tastes.

Moreover, in the good spirit of craftsmanship that we are proud to have inherited, we invite you to discover our range of lovingly crafted traditional products and take with you a small part of the flavour of this place.

So it's worth raising a glass together to life and all it has to offer!