Eglantina Manor

is waiting for you to discover the charm of its idyllic past!

We are delighted by the story of Eglantina Ionescu, and we enjoy the chance to bring to light fragments of the past of our homeland and to bring back to life a symbol of the interwar era.


We firmly believe that a good farmer makes a good farm.

These words have always guided us in life and nowhere have we been able to understand their meaning better than here, where we discovered the story of Mrs. Eglantina Ionescu, a truly special person, a symbol of the past and the fascinating places of the Strehan Estate.

The story of Eglantina Ionescu

Born in 1913, Eglantina is the daughter of Felicia Ionescu and General Mihail Ionescu, former Director of the CFR (Romanian Railway Company), who remains in the history of our country for his important role in the battle of Mărășești during the First World War and, later, for his decision-making role in the establishment of the CFR Museum.

The story of the estate begins in 1928, when Eglantina’s father bought the land on which the manor house and ancillary buildings of the family’s summer residence were later built between 1939 and 1940. From then on, Eglantina became the soul of this place and spent a beautiful part of her life here.

Like the wild rose flower whose name she bears, Eglantina seems to have been the living expression of the union of delicacy and strength, managing to impress with her candour, generosity and selflessness, despite a difficult fate.

A new chance for the Eglantina’s Estate

After her husband, Constantin Alexandru Pandele, a former Director General in the Ministry of Finance, was arrested in 1955 by the communist regime and politically sentenced to 25 years in prison, where he died in 1960, Eglantina took care of the house, the land and the vineyard, to which she was deeply attached, for a while. Later, the domaine underwent collectivisation and Eglantina had to give it up. She lived in the US with her daughters from 1986 and died at the age of 93.

As chance would have it, in an attempt to unearth fragments of our homeland’s past, we came to this place a few years ago, found the old abandoned manor house and vineyard and had the chance to bring them back to life.


The manor house, a historical and architectural landmark of the region, is an imposing building that seems to watch over the harmony between the vineyards of the Strehan Estate and the enchanting landscape surrounding it. The manor has been restored with great attention to every architectural detail, in order to preserve the authenticity and character of the provincial manor houses of the inter-war period.

Eglantina Manor, brought back to life

As soon as you approach and cross its threshold, you feel how Eglantina’s nobility has left its mark on every corner of the mansion, built in the modern Romanian architectural style specific to the interwar period and restored between 2022-2025, with special attention to every detail designed to revive the unique charm of those times.

The harmonious combination of refinement and comfort invites you to relax and dream

The intimate atmosphere, familiar even if you are here for the first time, perfected by the combination of refinement and comfort, makes every moment spent at the manor take you on a journey back in time, accompanied by the sweet and always fresh scent of eglantine.

The mansion is being renovated and will be open to the public in the summer of 2025.

Let yourself be taken on a journey back in time and feel the intimate atmosphere and the fragrance of life in nature.