The Strehan Domain Story

Our story began in the village of Tohani, located at the foot of the Strehan Hill, in the heart of the famous Dealu Mare wine-growing area, where, after years of searching, we found glimpses of our family’s past and of this fascinating place that today we call Strehan Estate. The strong call we felt at that time towards this place, where the vineyard and an old manor house still survived, inspired us in our endeavour to restore its former glory.

Symbols of the past brought into the light of the present

As people of these places, we have always had a deep gratitude and, at the same time, fascination for the legacy they have left us from the good old days. From the characters and stories that have been written on the pages of history, to the ancient tradition of vine-growing, we want to discover and preserve the vestiges that remind us of their idyllic past, so that we can contemplate them today.

This is how we arrived in the village of Tohani in the commune of Gura-Vadului, situated at the foot of the Strehan Hill, in the middle of the famous Dealu Mare wine-growing area, where we found a stretch of land where the vineyard and the old manor house called Pandeloaica still survived. We knew they were part of our family’s past, as our grandmother often told us about these places, being in close contact with those to whom they belonged.

The strong calling we felt at the time towards this place led us to learn the impressive story of Eglantina Ionescu and her husband, Constantin Alexandru Pandele. They owned the estate that we now call Strehan, a name that is said to be the origin of the expression “Shout at the inn!”, because there is said to have been an inn here since the 13th century, but also a name by which we want to remember the uniqueness that Strehan Hill gives to “our own little piece of heaven”.

This story has inspired us during the more than 5 years we have been searching for a way to restore its brilliance and it inspires us even more today, when, together with our guests, we experience truly memorable moments here, admiring Symbols of the past brought into the light of the present.

Thus, through the three main landmarks of the Strehan Estate – the Strehan Winery, the Eglantina Manor and the Citizen’s Barn – we want to offer the joy of the unique experience of discovering the charm of these places, reliving it again and again and transforming it into memories that last forever.

We are happy to share with you the magic of the rebirth of this place and look forward to welcoming you to the Strehan Estate!

Marilena & Vasile Ene, Hosts of Strehan Estate