Strehan Winery

Wines with the flavour of an idyllic past

Today we have the joy of carrying on a tradition handed down from generation to generation and the passion for growing vines, transforming its fruits into their sublime expression - the wines of Strehan Winery.


At Tohani you can say that you are in the heart of the famous Dealu Mare vineyard, from which, over time, some of the most appreciated Romanian wines were born.

Here, growing vines is a way of life based on a tradition handed down from generation to generation, as attested by written documents dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries, as well as archaeological finds in the area.

Mediterranean microclimate

The emergence and development of this ancient occupation was not accidental. It’s all due to the extraordinary natural conditions here in the so-called ‘Wine Country’. Our vineyard is located at the foot of Strehan Hill, where some 23 million years ago there was a sea, as evidenced by the sharp limestone ridges that stand out in this spectacular landscape, and the fossils of shells and sea snails that can be seen in the fragments of the rocks.

From a scientific point of view, the nearby hills, largely devoid of soil and vegetation, cause their whiteness to reflect solar radiation and thus warm the air, intensifying its movement, which explains the appearance of a Mediterranean microclimate.

Soil suitable for vine growing

The nature that surrounds the area amazes with its richness and diversity, even the existence of the almond tree, or the fig tree, as well as other rare species of plants and birds is natural, so that the area has been officially declared a protected area.

At the same time, the clay loamy, rooty topsoil on which the vines are grown at the Strehan Estate provides a high nutrient content and retains moisture, making it particularly suitable for red varieties, to which it offers surprising acidity and complexity.


This is how our wines have been bequeathed with chosen qualities, since the time when Mrs. Eglantina Ionescu, who owned the Strehan Estate in the past, became an unbreakable symbol of it and took care of them with passion and won prizes in local competitions. Now, other skilled people carry on the passion for viticulture and the story of this place, transforming the fruits of our vineyard into their sublime expression – the wines of the Strehan Winery.

From the hand-picking of the grapes, their careful selection and rigorous control over all the steps of the winemaking process, carried out with the help of state-of-the-art equipment, everything is done with full care to preserve the unique character with which nature endows the wines of Strehan.

The fruits of the earth perfected by man's passion


The delight that comes over you at the beauty of this place is stronger when you arrive in the middle of the vineyards on the Strehan Estate and takes over once you discover the taste of its roads. But not in any way, but in their noblest expression, embodying the richness of the Tohani soils and the skill of its people: the wines of the Strehan Winery.


A versatile, easy-drinking wine with an abundance of red and blackberry fruit on the palate. Ripe berry notes and medium acidity are also found in the aftertaste.


A fresh and fruity wine in which the aromas of apple, lemon peel, grapefruit and tropical fruits are felt from the first smell, notes that continue in the taste and aftertaste. Minerality, acidity and alcohol are very well integrated in the taste.


A well-structured wine, with medium body and fine tannins, in which the mix of blackcurrant, raspberry and blackberry is noticeable. Vanilla notes reveal a wine balanced in flavours.

All you have to do is fall into temptation, taste our wines and fall hopelessly in love with them!